Why Is Acer Predator XB321HK The Best 4K Monitor For Gaming?

Due to the high price, some people may simply reject the Acer Predator XB321HK. Is the device actually more expensive than other monitors of the same category? One thing is certain about the product, it comes with the G-Sync technology.

This is an added value that can increase the cost of any monitor of the same accessibility and performance. Do you know that some exorbitant products may actually merit their cost? Premium features from this product will not only make you like the Predator XB321HK, but invest in it as well.

Features And Advantages:

The advantages and features of the Predator XB321HK are beyond anticipation. Keep reading to see how the product benefits you.

  1. The immersion and in-depth image are some of the great features of the product. The jumbo screen helps you to experience an amazing feeling about the device. With clarity and smoothness, the 60 FPS framerate of the product can still deliver well.

The G-Sync technology has been the drive to helping you enjoy the in-depth image and immersion. When using an ultra HD monitor, it is important to set your detail levels to work well. This is also applicable to the XB321HK.

  1. The XB321HK is a great monitor that delivers great accuracy with its out-of-box feature. Without opening the OSD, you can count on the image quality of the device.

Setting Gamma on 1.8 and contrast to 40 will help to unveil the product’s full performance. With these changes, you will advance the quality of the product to the highest level.

  1. If you are going for a high-end gaming competition, then selecting this product is a great venture. The upgraded display of the device is amazing and can help you have an upper over any competitor. The stunning clarity, G-Sync adaptive refresh and low latency are some other features you will like about the product.
  2. At this juncture, the final decision will always be with your preference. If like to remain with a higher refresh rate and QHD monitor, then go ahead. However, if an ultra HD gaming monitor having the G-Sync technology is your thing, then the Predator XB321HK will certainly deliver the best result.


Build quality and styling remains great

Accurate and vivid color


Thirty-two inches IPS screen

Ultra HD



No portrait or swivel adjustment


It is clear that the product remains exorbitant for an average gamer. Nevertheless, this gaming monitor is worth your investment. With the upgraded features and benefits, you will not be able to dispute the facts of the product’s advantages. The display of the XB321HK is something that nobody will be able to deny.

While large pixels have remained the ageing problem for ultra HD monitors, this product will grant you total comfort.  The truth is that investing in the product will help to improve your gaming experience. The screen and other features that come with the XB321HK will help to throw you above any competitor.

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