Allison & Forest

August 30th, 2013

I just wanted to let you know that words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for everything you did to help create the wedding of our dreams! Seriously, everything was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined and I truly appreciate all the efforts and hard work put forth by you and the rest of the Champagne team. The whole day was perfect, down to every single last detail and literally took my breath away when I saw everything for the first time. We received SO many complements on how beautiful our wedding was, a huge part I owe to you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I wish you all the best, you and your team are amazing at what you do.

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Cynthia & Neil

October 9th, 2009

Mandi was the kind of wedding planner we were looking for - she knew exactly when to step in and give an opinion and when to step back and let us come to a decision on our own. For instance, she understood that we didn't want a fussy wedding [no cake-cutting, no toasts] but advised us to keep certain traditions like the First Dance and that turned out to be excellent advice. Mandi also helped us a lot with planning the layout of our reception and with our uniquely-shaped venue we definitely needed it! Furthermore and more importantly, we hired her just for the day-of, but she helped us in so many different ways. From coming through with babysitters for our younger guests to telling us when we were getting gypped by a vendor to helping to lift our spirits when we were stressed out with her enthusiasm, we're super happy with our decision to go with Mandi as our wedding planner!

Marla [Mother of the Bride]

July 17th, 2010

I don’t know if you remember me or not, we spoke a few months ago in regards to my daughter Jessica who was getting married at Abernethy Center in Oregon City on July 17th. I did not feel I could afford a wedding coordinator, so I didn’t hire you, but am totally regretting that decision. You were very helpful with the questions I had a few weeks before the wedding, and I so appreciated that. There were so many things, especially last minute that I didn’t do or didn’t know that I should do, that if you would have been in charge, it would have gotten done. I felt like I was scrambling around the entire day, I don’t even remember eating at the reception, our photographer was fabulous but….. we never got a full family shot of my family who was all in town! I’m especially upset about that. I wish I could go back a few months, spend the money, in hindsight, relax a little more myself that day, and have you handle everything for me.

Sarah & Lincoln

August 20th, 2010

Thank you so much for all the wonderful planning services for Sarah & Lincoln to help them create such a fabulous Portland wedding event. Many of our family and guests expressed it was the best wedding they had been to. They also loved their experience visiting Portland during this event, thanks to many of your suggestions. Now that the wedding is all done we think of you and one word comes to mind... SUPERB!!! From the start, you had an amazing ability to communicate with Sarah & Lincoln about their ideas, likes, and dislikes as well as their personal needs. Your knowledge of wedding venues and vendors were current and just what Sarah & Lincoln were looking for. You have an excellent eye, and know exactly what to suggest the first few minutes when looking at something which truly enhanced the bride & groom's vision of their wedding. You always had the answers and advice for not only the bride & groom, but us parents during the planning stages and expressed it in such a NICE way. It helped so much! You absolutely have an amazing way of getting everything & everyone organized! The day of the wedding, you had everything covered and any surprises just handled beautifully by you and your staff. Such confidence & calm you carry with you. Thank you for making Sarah & Lincoln's wedding so wonderful. We could never have done this without you. Thank you! Kate & Pete McKearnan [Parents of the Bride]

Lizzie & Andrew

September 11th, 2010

As a bride-to-be, I knew what it was like to be inundated with well-intentioned, but unsolicited wedding advice. So I’m careful to give only two pieces of advice to friends about to get married. First, don’t get so caught up in details and pleasing everyone that you forget to enjoy being engaged. And second, call Rachelle at Champagne Wedding and Event Planning. The expense of a wedding planner was, far and away, the best money that I spent on my wedding. The value far exceeds the price! From the beginning, Rachelle steered us in the direction of vendors who were worth our time. It can be overwhelming to see how many vendors are out there. Instead of dialing at random from lists provided by questionably reliable sources, and wasting days and weeks of my time meeting dead ends, Rachelle gave us the names of a few wonderful, reliable, creative people who were (and this is key!) available on our day. It cut our field of dozens down to just one or two choices instantly! It’s hard to describe the look on a vendor’s face when you tell them you’re working with Champagne. They are relieved and excited, knowing that there will be no headaches on the wedding day, that everyone will be well-organized, and the event will be classy and fun. They love to give glowing recommendations for the ladies at Champagne, too, saying that they have worked with them many times before, and they are the best event planners in Portland. The next step in the planning process was the conceptualization piece. Rachelle seemed to read our minds, summoning ideas that so perfectly matched the vision in our head that we were barely able to verbalize. It was such a relief to have someone instantly understand the vibe we were trying to achieve with our party, and to have brilliant ideas to make it even better than we could have imagined! It felt frustrating, before we met with Rachelle, to wonder how we could possibly make our wedding feel like it was our own when there are so many weddings that feel the same as the last. Rachelle made those worries disappear instantly! We felt understood and listened to, and that she was using her enormous gifts to craft our wedding day according to our wishes, not anyone else’s agenda. Rachelle was so attentive and detail-oriented, keeping things organized, and at the same time maintaining the sense of joy and excitement. She never lost focus of the love that was making this day possible, and never made us feel the weight of worry or that the considerable work she was doing was ever burdensome. The countless times I was asked a question by my mother, my mother-in-law, or my friends, that I wasn’t able to answer, I felt confident to say, “I don’t know, but Rachelle will.” Or, “Rachelle’s taking care of it.” That freedom helped me maintain my sanity and actually enjoy the process of wedding planning. If I found myself getting overwhelmed with questions and details, one email or call from Rachelle made me feel like everything was more manageable, and that the idea of having a wedding wasn’t completely nuts after all! Finally, the value of having someone there the day of the wedding, making sure things flowed easily was such an immeasurable gift! It allowed our families and friends to simply be present and enjoy the stunningly gorgeous day without being distracted by tasks or adhering to the schedule or by putting out fires. If there were fires to be put out on the day of the wedding, I was oblivious to them. All I remember of my wedding day was the profound joy, serene happiness, and abundant excitement and goodwill as our favorite people in the world came together to celebrate our union. Since our wedding, guests have freely told us that it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to, that the day was gorgeous, and that we’ve totally ruined all other weddings to come because everything was so charming, joyful, and unfussy … exactly what we wanted! I always give credit to the guests themselves, who helped us celebrate the spirit of the day, and to my enormously loving and adorable husband. But I never fail to give credit where it’s due. “Thanks to Rachelle!” I say, because it could not have happened without her colossal gifts and massively great attitude! Please do yourself a gigantic favor, and contact Champagne!

Jayne & Armando

March 5th, 2011

Of all of the many trials and tribulations that the wedding planning process will bring, there is one word that can alleviate the majority of your stress: Champagne. Champagne Wedding Coordination that is! I am one of the most organized and type-A people you will meet, and of course I thought I could manage the whole wedding planning process, and day of duties, alone. Trust me when I say that every bride needs, and deserves, help during one of the most stressful and important times of your life. If you think you can’t afford it, honestly you can’t afford NOT to hire a coordinator. One meeting with Champagne and you will understand how much their services are worth. Do not delay, as the earlier in the planning process you have their services the more impactful the results and the less back-tracking you will do! We had the pleasure of meeting with Rachelle for our initial consultation, and were immediately sold by her professionalism and thorough description of Champagne’s services and overall knowledge of all things relating to the wedding industry. This was the third company we met with (save yourself the time and just get the best!), and there was no doubt they were the company we needed. We met with our actual wedding coordinator Mandi shortly after choosing our package, and our decision was solidified – we LOVED her from the very first minute! The passion for her craft, attention to detail, level of involvement, and communication that transpired throughout the planning process and wedding day was amazing. Mandi assisted with every aspect of our wedding, and took my vision and made it come to life. The ideas she had for the wedding were priceless, and enhanced many aspects of the wedding day in ways we could never have imagined. One the day of, there was flawless execution of every detail we planned, the timeline was managed, direction was given, and Mandi never missed a beat. The beauty of her team is that you don’t even know they are there, until they magically appear right on schedule, calmly making things happen. It was a truly amazing experience, and I am still in awe of Mandi’s transformation of our wedding venue into our vision. We have received notes/calls from many of our guests telling us how amazing the wedding looked, how smooth everything ran, and that our wedding was their most memorable to date – this is all due to Mandi’s extraordinary efforts. Mandi gave us the wedding of our dreams, and for that, I am forever grateful. Do yourself a favor and take time to truly enjoy your planning process and your special day…it goes by so fast and you should cherish every moment, as it’s all part of the fantastic journey to marriage. Hire Champage today!

Addie & JJ

September 4th, 2011

I cannot speak highly enough of the care and coordination that [Champagne] was able to provide for us on our wedding day. They put together so many details and made sure that the day and night continued on in an effortless manner. Our day was amazing in every way and know that without [Champagne] it would not have been functioned the way it did. I can't list the number of guests that were impressed by our planners ability to orchestrate the day and evening and all comments on her personality reflect the truly amazing person she is. Thank you so much!

Cassie & Daniel

June 23rd, 2012

These guys were great! They were reliable and I didn't have to worry about anything or micromanage them at all! Jenn was my coordinator and I definitely recommend her as well as the rest of the Champagne staff! It was a great experience.

Leondra & Charley

July 7th, 2012

With less than a month to go before our big day, my fiancee (now wife) and I realized we were going to need help - big time - to pull off our destination wedding for 200 guests. We'd done the planning ourselves, but trying to wrap our heads around the day-of coordination was keeping us up at night, and we didn't want any of our family or friends to take on such a big job. Colleen helped us to relax from our very first meeting. One of her greatest strengths was meeting us where we were at in terms of our approach and mindset. Without being at all overbearing, she really helped us to get organized, make sure we had all the "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed, confirm vendors, and calmly outline a number of options for important decisions that we'd either overlooked or couldn't decide on. She met us at our venue for a meeting a week or so before, then helped to run the wedding rehearsal efficiently the day before. But where she truly shined was on the big day. Meeting us early in the day at the venue, she and her staff did everything from setting tables and arranging decorations to greeting and managing all of the vendors, organizing the wedding party, and answering questions from anybody who had them. By 10:30 a.m., I found myself with nothing to do but sit on the deck and soak in the view for about an hour before I even had to get ready. It was unbelievably relaxing and reassuring. Once guests began to arrive, she and her staff continued to provide excellent and professional service, calmly kept us on schedule, and anticipated things before they even happened all the way through the end of the reception. They even did the clean up that we were responsible for given our venue contract, which allowed us to enjoy an after party with handful of late night guests. There are probably dozens more things that Colleen took care of that I'm either forgetting or wasn't even aware of, which again speaks her thoughtful, friendly, professional, and detail-oriented skills and talents. After months of planning, worrying, and not a small number of "uh-oh!" moments, Colleen and the folks from Champagne allowed my wife and I to truly enjoy our wedding. Our guests had a total blast, and we left for our honeymoon a few days later still on cloud nine as we reflected on the success of one of the most significant days of our lives. If you need help with your wedding, get Colleen on the job!

Emilie & Doug

July 28th, 2012

A friend of mine gave the advice that we should hire a wedding coordinator, at least for the day of, in order to help out with the event. I didn't think that this was a necessary expense, but then when Colleen's services were included in our venue package, I saw how truly valuable this is... Colleen walked us through everything - each tiny, exhausting step, and many that we would have missed if it hadn't been for her attention to detail. She also was there to see the wedding through from before the first guess to helping with cleanup (that's dedication)!!! We didn't go the traditional route for most aspects of the wedding, yet she was able to modify her skills to meet the needs of our own design in order to make the day go off without a hitch. I've already passed her name on to a friend and will do so again and again without hesitation. Thank you!

Audrey & Matt

August 18th, 2012

Jenn was wonderful and kept us on track. She was so sweet and helpful I didn't worry about a thing on my wedding day. Not only that but she came up with great ideas that really helped us out. I would recommend Champagne and Jenn to anyone getting married!

Claribelle & Aaron

August 31st, 2012

My husband and I were very happy to have worked with Danielle as our primary contact from Champagne NW for day of coordination. What we didn't realize at the very beginning stages of planning our wedding was just how difficult it might be to not only plan a destination wedding (we are based out of Los Angeles), but to do it almost entirely DIY. That said, Danielle came through with flying colors during some of our darkest wedding planning moments, with all the right vendor recommendations, picking things up from Portland for us and bringing them to our venue. Things really came to fruition the day of our wedding (of course) when she and her staff were ON IT for any minor details that were missing and keeping me from having a heart attack and on schedule when our DJ was stuck in holiday traffic on the way to the wedding. Additionally, I believe our other vendors found it really easy to work with her leading up to the wedding which is HUGE. Overall, I would highly recommend Champagne NW, whether its for Day Of coordination or planning!

Leah & David

October 1st, 2012

Working with [Champagne Wedding Coordination] was an absolute joy! Owners Rachelle Bell and Mandi Wiley have created such a strong and creative team of planners. From the very beginning of the planning process to the wedding day, everything went smoothly and beautifully. I thank Champagne for their dedication, attention to detail, and passion for event planning. My wedding was truly a fairytale come to life.