PUBG Crossed 100 Million Downloads On Mobile

On iOS and Android platforms together, PUBG mobile downloads have crossed one hundred million. According to Tencent Games the original franchise operating PUBG, the company has been able to achieve this goal within a space of 4 months of unleashing the game for public use. Last month, Fortnite milestone was achieved with total success. It is clear to mention that the achievement of the game to beat its milestone only occurred on iOS at the time.


PUBG remains a military-oriented shooter game that can accommodate up to one hundred players at the same times. These players are placed on the ground to rattle it out with themselves. Remember, in PUBG the last player standing will always remain the winner. The game is currently on Android, iOS, Xbox One and PC.  There was no in-game purchases when the PUBG mobile games were first launched. In fact, it remained free for anyone to play at the time of launching.

The developers of the game have added several styles, clothes, skins, upgraded progression pass and just to mention a few. These features will help buyers to purchase the premium option of the game to get optimum results. With these amazing features, it is sure that Tencent Games have been able to accumulate over fifty million dollars in sales. With the current blockbuster Mission – Impossible – Fallout, the game is presently hosting a crossover mission.

It has been updated with innovative game modes and maps for the same purpose. At the moment, the application of the game is making up to fourteen million active users daily excluding Korea, Japan and China. Fortnite has recorded more daily active players and overall downloads. Since PUBG was not brought to Google Play Store, it has an edge over Fortnite because of the exclusivity to the main official Android page.

On console and PC, PUBG has been known to be a pretty popular game. At the moment, the mobile edition of PUBG is doing well for several reasons. The mobile version of PUBG has been able to cross the Rubicon of over one hundred million downloads. This is huge and amazing news for anyone to hear. One amazing thing about this information is that three big countries where the franchise is well-known are not added to the count.

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According to the publishing franchise, it is evident that PUBG was downloaded in over one hundred nations across the globe for the launch period. In fact, the daily fourteen million active users the company sees are enough to boost its popularity. The company has vowed to continue providing top-notch games will be the standard for the industry.


The huge secret for PUBG crossing over one million downloads is due to several reasons. First, the introduction of new features is something attracting more people to the game. Another thing is that the boycott PUBG has given to Google Play Store makes the game grow more in popularity. This is because many mobile users can now see the secret of downloading games through apps immediately.

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