Everything You Need To Know About Fist Of The North Star – Lost Paradise

It was an overshadowing moment when an announcement came highlighting that Fist of the North Star – Lost Paradise will now be available in the Western bookstores. Some busy activities and news only led to the information conveyed by the announcement. To be factual, this remains a huge success for anyone that likes the publishing franchise.

fist of north star

The game is created by the Yakuza Studio. This is the same company that helped to develop the Yakuza series. Nevertheless, the new game will come with an amazing gameplay. The structure and design of the new game conform to a similar appearance the Yakuza series. Running around in this game is made possible through a sandbox-style map. Groups of bandits and thugs will be beaten to death in the game.

There are some minigames that can keep you engaged when playing the official new game. Players will discover a special arcade that can help in linking to the old Fist of the North Star series. To be precise, the new game is simply a continuation of the Yakuza series. This can be confirmed through the footage that the new game is offering. At the top of the game, you will discover a kind of brilliance to boost the touch of the franchise.

In October, the Fist of the North Star – Lost Paradise will be released for public use. The game is a crossover between Sega’s action-adventure series and the post-apocalyptic manga classic Fist of the North Star. It is also a complete story of the Japanese underworld known as Yakuza. The truth is that many people will be happy to play the game when it comes officially in October.

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The Yakuza series has featured a plethora of games ever since 2005. In time past, the Yakuza series contain samurai and zombies. The Fist of the North Star remains the first ever created game that portrays a completely fictional environment. The original manga by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson, Kenshiro remains the main character in the storyline. Kenshiro remains the next person in a position to a martial artist known as Hokuto Shinken.

The globe is now a hopeless fallow land due to the World War that occurred at the end of the 20th century. People who survived the war are not many and one law exists to control them all. The strong will have to control the weak because they are victims. The presence of Eden remains the biggest difference in setting between the Yakuza Studio and the manga. Eden remains a miraculous environment found in the center of a huge desert. It is also known as the only location where people can find hope.

Majority of the new game activities will take place in Eden. The developers of the game were able to establish a vibrant environment due to the addition of town. It is one of the best ideas that help the game to project common sense when played.

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