Looking for a wedding venue? Possibly a Staycation or Mini-moon? Skamania Lodge is the perfect location to escape and enjoy the breath-taking views the gorge has to offer! Get to know more and then head on over and book your date night escape!

Champagne: What size events can you accommodate?

Skamania Lodge: We have outdoor space for a ceremony for up to 700, outdoor reception space for up to 125.  Our indoor ballrooms can accommodate up to 300+.

Photo by Azzura Photography

Champagne: Do you have weddings year round?

Skamania Lodge: Yes - with the fireplace in our Stevenson Ballroom we are a great indoor winter wedding location even though the majority of our weddings are in the summer months with the ceremony taking place in our amphitheater overlooking the gorge.

Photo by Sikora Photography


Champagne: What sets your venue apart from the rest?

Skamania Lodge: Our service.  We have a beautiful view, lovely ballrooms and guest rooms, great food, and plenty to see and do in the area but at the end of the day our commitment to our guest is what sets us apart.  Every member of our staff will work to make it the best wedding and best stay for each and every guest.


Champagne: What is something you think couples should know when picking their wedding/event venue?

Skamania Lodge: Really think about your priorities for your wedding day.  If you have 3-5 main priorities, these can inform every decision you make, not just venue choice.  If it’s important for you to have no stress on your wedding day but the idea of rain causes you stress, then choose a location with an indoor ceremony site.  If you want ultra formal and elegant, choose a site with a ballroom that gives you that feeling.  If you are clear on your dream and you ask yourself “Does this venue achieve my dream?”, and the answer isn’t “Yes!” then move on.  Not every venue is right for every couple.

Photo by Michael A Peterson Photography

Photo by Powers Studio

Champagne: To you, what is key to creating a successful event?

Skamania Lodge: Communication!  The couple and their vendors need to have good communication.  Just like any relationship, without communication everything unravels.  If we’re all working hard to stay connected, to really listen to the dreams and goals of our client, if our client is really listening to what we as a vendor can and can not do, we’ll all be able to create an amazing event through collaboration.  I’ll take too much communication over too little any day. 

Photo by Sikora Photography

Champagne: What do you do, when you’re not doing, what you do?

Skamania Lodge: I enjoy hanging out with friends, exploring new hiking spots, trying to convince my cat not to be so neurotic…


Champagne: Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Skamania Lodge: We love what we do and want to make sure we help every one of our couples achieve their wedding dream. 

Photo by Sikora Photography

Photo by Sikora Photography

Champagne: Thank you, Michele, for telling us more about Skamania Lodge! Head on over and follow them on twitter, “like” them on facebook and browse their website!

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